What is the job of a photo gallery for fine art photography?

Galleries are an integral part of the art market and often form the interface between the artists/photographers and purchasers. Artists represent themselves or their work/parts of their work through galleries. In the art industry, artwork is generally thought of as all the work of an artist. Parts of artwork are therefore individual pieces of work.

The galleries for fine art photography often deal with all customer advice and support, and present, consult and market the photographer/photographic artist or their works. As payment, the galleries receive individual sales commissions, which cover all costs of providing the service as well as an individual return. In Germany, galleries must also pay statutory tax and contributions, such as costs for artists’ social insurance at a range of 5.2% of all works sold.

Inside-Gallery displays and markets strictly limited, high-quality and unique photographic artwork for different target groups.


Inside-Gallery – timeless and exclusive photographic art in large format,
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