What is museum quality?

The term “museum quality” is often used when referring to special materials and techniques used to protect fine art photography and preserve the colour rendering for an extremely long time.

The exposures and prints at Inside-Gallery are produced using either a classic photographic process (RA-4) or with pigment inks. Both processes provide maximum colour protection, high stability for colours and maximum UV protection. The manufacturers of papers and inks state that if their products are used properly, they will last from at least 70 to 200 years.

Inside-Gallery uses the most high-quality materials and techniques in all price ranges for maximum protection and maximum durability of photography. All pictures therefore receive a refinement from museum acrylic or artificial resin during a Liquid Gloss process.

We make art something that can be experienced and we would like you to be able to present your works in museum quality even under normal living room conditions with no issues.


IInside-Gallery – timeless and exclusive photographic art in large format,
for the highest standards and permanent value.

Fotografie 3er Collage New York