Value preservation / value increase

Fine art-photography from its most beautiful angle

The strictly limited photography editions by Inside-Gallery have material value and subjective value because they serve as both breath-taking, long-lasting additions to offices and living areas, and as a long-term investment in modern art. The photographic artwork is subject to strict quality testing during its production. An acceptance protocol documents and guarantees that it is in perfect condition before it is packed and given to the purchaser via reliable service providers.

In order to maintain the integrity of the artwork, long-lasting artistic enjoyment and the sought value increase, purchasers should also bear certain aspects in mind. The following advice is to ensure that long-lasting enjoyment of the fine art-photography and the optimal value increase can be achieved, from choosing the right location to proper care.

➤ The right place for your new fine art photography

Before you configure size and design of your individual piece of artwork, it is important to select the right place for it. Both the wall stability and the surroundings should be tested. The wall strength or wall material should be determined beforehand by knocking or drilling through a small section. For drywall structures, special dowels not included with the delivery must be inserted.

The surroundings are also decisive for the longevity of the artwork, because if it is exposed to extreme environmental influences, the different properties of the individual pieces will be altered. Therefore, the artwork should:

  1. not be exposed to direct and strong sunlight, in part or entirely,
  2. not be hung directly above heating appliances, and
  3. not be exposed to a level of humidity that exceeds that of normal living rooms.

The artwork consists largely of non-fading material, but in extreme temperature or humidity conditions or fluctuations, real wooden frames in particular can have severe reactions and damage the artwork. Once you have selected the right place for your new artwork, you can use our configurator to find out:

  1. the picture size,
  2. picture frame or refinement
  3. the right wall colour for your selected photograph/frame

We wish you lots of fun choosing.

➤ Receiving and unpacking your photographic artwork

Please note that the following advice should be followed as soon as you receive and unpack your photographic artwork:

  1. Test the packaging for damage upon delivery! If minor damage is discovered, have it documented when receiving the item and only sign the delivery documents if these damages have been noted. This way, the delivery company will be liable for any possible damage to the artwork.
  2. If you notice any clear transit damage upon delivery, then let us know right away by filling in a contact form or calling our customer service line. We will, of course, take care of the rest.
  3. Please open the box very carefully, without cutting inside with sharp objects.

➤ Proper wall mounting

  1. Included in the delivery is a very stable wall mounting set and white gloves. Please carry out the mounting with at least 2 people and the right tools (drill, spirit level, special dowels, etc.) and use the gloves when carefully unpacking the picture, in order to avoid grease or dirt stains.
  2. Please note while mounting that both real wood and passe-partouts are very sensitive to selective drilling and hammering. Large formats with real wood are especially heavy. Mounting artwork on walls should therefore be carried out professionally by at least 2 people.
  3. A detailed set of mounting instructions is included in the delivery.

If all this advice is followed, you will be able to enjoy your artwork or unique item for a very long time.

Our customer service team: wall mounting

With a piece of fine art-photography by Inside-Gallery, you will be investing in quality, exclusivity and longevity. Please make sure that the perfectly created artwork is mounted perfectly as well. Inside-Gallery will provide a professional mounting service at a fixed price. You can select this service right after you order or activate it by clicking on the button.

In your shopping basket, instead of
“free delivery within Germany”, select
“delivery and mounting: €500”.

You can now relax and wait for your artwork to be delivered, especially when ordering large-format artwork with a real wooden frame, as there are further benefits to the mounting service:

  1. You will have several delivery slots to choose from (even at weekends, if desired) within Germany.
  2. A problem-free service only begins once the artwork has been perfectly inserted or mounted in your selected location, and not just when the packaged goods are handed over.

➤ Maintenance advice for long-lasting joy and value stability

Finally, we would like to give you some more useful advice for the care and maintenance of your new artwork, so that you can look forward to long-lasting fine art-photography and its potential for increased value.

Inside-Gallery photography is produced using paper of the highest quality, with high-quality colour and high-quality finishing/framing. The manufacturers of these materials guarantee light fastness for at least 75 years, or 100 years for black and white prints and exposures. In addition, fine art prints and exposures are sealed using a protective coating.

Nevertheless, photographs may change depending on environmental influences if they are exposed to extreme environmental conditions. Please read the following:

The right location for your new fine art photography

Photographs, finishes and frames are only suitable for outdoor areas, bathrooms and kitchens to a limited extent. You should carry out maintenance on the picture surface/protective layer approximately every 6 months with antistatic care products and remove dust (e.g. with a feather duster or a light suction cleaner) from the passe-partout or picture frame. These simple measures will ensure that your photographic artwork is protected for a long time.


Closing remarks

Our artwork is only produced individually according to the wishes of the purchaser. For this reason, no right to cancellation shall exist (see general terms and conditions) once production of the photographic artwork has begun. As natural materials (wood, resin) are used during the manual or manufacturing work, minimal discrepancies can exist. If these discrepancies represent defects that require correction, please inform our customer service team of each individual case. Inside-Gallery strives for very high customer satisfaction, so we address all concerns carefully and very sympathetically. It is important that you report any possible defects promptly.

Inside-Gallery accepts no responsibility for modification processes that result from described improper handling. However, we will be delighted to help you carry our repair work, should damage occur to your photographic artwork. In such cases, please speak to our customer service team.


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