How do I see the value and quality of a photograph?

Inside-Gallery photographs are prepared in a way that is best suited for value preservation. The value of the photography is determined by the material value, the immaterial value, and supply and demand at the time of purchase. The safe refinements using Liquid Gloss or protection behind a museum acrylic plate keep the photography optimally protected from damage and environmental influences.

Nevertheless, please make sure that the high-quality surfaces do not become scratched. If you only display your photography occasionally, please ensure it is stored at normal room temperature. Humidity is a significant influential factor and should reflect normal room and storage conditions. We recommend temperatures up to a maximum of 30°C and a maximum of 70% relative humidity.

When presenting photography on a wall, please note that photographs, although they are well protected, should not be exposed to direct sunlight or humidity for prolonged periods of time.

Inside-Gallery – timeless and exclusive photographic art in large format,
for the highest standards and permanent value.

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