The most expensive photographs

The list of the most expensive photographs shows the current market movement and the current trend, whereby photography is now generally recognised as art. Photographs and photographic art items are sometimes traded for prices that, 10 years ago, only paintings would have been worth. The recognition is due to the fact that photographs – previously used to document events – can now be interpreted or artistically modified using creative elements. This intellectual creation, within a reasonable scope, is artwork.


PhotographerTitle PhotoPrice in $Sold in
Andreas GurskyRhein II4,3 Mio.2011
Cindy ShermanUntitled #963,8 Mio.2011
Andreas Gursky99 Cent II Diptychon3,3 Mio.2007
Edward SteichenThe Pond-Moonlight2,9 Mio.2006
Cindy ShermanUntitled #1532,7 Mio.2010
UnbekanntBilly the Kid2,3 Mio.2011
Dmitry MedvedevTobolsk Kremlin1,75 Mio.2010
Edward WestonNude1,6 Mio.2008
Alfred StieglitzGeorgia O’Keeffe (Hands)1,47 Mio.2006
Alfred StieglitzGeorgia O’Keeffe Nude1,36 Mio.2006


The photography market is booming, as can be seen from the table, and US galleries are successfully proving that strictly limited photography (editions of up to 25 pieces) have become very interesting to hobby collectors, lifestyle purchasers and fans of photography.

The limitation of photography is the most important criteria for the value preservation and perspectives for value increase of pictures. In the international art scene, in which millions are paid, photographs are limited to one unique piece of work. However, online discount galleries often increase their prices according to the size and substrate material used for the reproduced art copies. In general, the lower the number of limited reproductions, the higher the value preservation and increase in value.

The popular view is that the strict or classic limitation of artwork amounts to 2-25 editions. Discount limitation is generally between 100 and 1,000 photograph reproductions. Over 1,000 or unlimited photograph copies are mostly referred to as “stock photos” and cost just a few euros/dollars.

Inside-Gallery offers neither unique items nor discount limitations, and concentrates on classic limited works that are not available within Europe.
All designs and editions on offer are supplied exclusively by Inside-Gallery. Moreover, it is our intention to pay our photographers a part of the sales proceeds, so that they can continue to carry out their manually, technically and technologically sophisticated work. This sustainable approach is set to catch on in the future amongst collectors, lifestyle purchasers and enthusiasts, as no photographer can live permanently off a few euros/dollar per photograph.

Inside-Gallery – timeless and exclusive photographic art in large format,
for the highest standards and permanent value.

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