Inside-Gallery offers collectors with highest demands contemporary and exclusive fine art-photography by professional master photographers in perfectly elaborated and large format prints manufactured in museum quality.


Exclusivity is reached by strict limitation and signing the artistic works that are only available at Inside-Gallery.

The thorough choice and artistic elaboration of the motifs, as well as the certified production on the highest levels in museum quality gives the works their sharpness, brilliance and uniqueness. Quality is guaranteed by plenty of certifications by Fogra, Digigraphie and Hahnemühle.


The offered range of perfect formats is recommended by the photographer working with the Inside-Gallery.
Yet, collectors can configurate their work with individual choices for a particularly outstanding presentation.


Long-livety, value as well as the high potential of accretion of the photo works have priority at Inside-Gallery. The accretion of the strigtly limited artist’s proofs occur starting with the first sold work.

Inside-Gallery – Joy, exclusivity and individuality for highest demands and values.


Inside-Gallery was founded in 2015 and is juridically presented by admago GmbH. Professional master photographers can make their works available to collectors and investors. Every master photographer finished a valid apprenticeship and extensive experience in photogaphy as well as high-end technology to ensure the exclusivity and the quality oft he prints. The manufacturing endures using well-chosen materials, in certified manufacturing by highly qualified and expierenced specialists in germany.

What has inside-gallery specialised in?

Inside-Gallery offers artistic photography in large format prints – in particular architecture-, nature- and scenic, as well as street and experimental photography.

What does the buyer protection of inside-gallery?

The company responsbile for the organisation, marketing and quality managment is admago GmbH that is registered in the commercial registry. The CEO of the company is a qualified businessowomen – specialised on quality management according to DIN ISO 9001:2008. The company admago GmbH also works after a officically stated data privacy- and buyer protection concept

The buyer protection concept

An order can only be placed through the online system or in written form per fax or letter. After the order of the work the buyer receives a binding order confirmation with the information to transfer the purchase amount.

The transfer via PayPal is secured by the independent PayPal buyer protection.
With direct transfer to admago GmbH the buyer receives immediately after the transaction a written confirmation. The order insurance begins the day of the order and ensures the duly way of order until the delivery.

If the work is not sent in the promised conditions the buyer is refunded the entire the purchase price after the legal wish of amendment. The buyer protection contains the money-back-guarantee as well as a free support service at your local rate.


Inside-Gallery presents collectors and admirers a broad spectrum of fine art of contemporary photography and selected artists New works and artists that are committed to absolut exclusivity are to be added Perspectively, Inside-Gallery will exhibit its works in pop-up galleries in major cities. Furthermore, Inside-Gallery will offer symposias for everyone interested in art and photography. Techniques and experiences will be exchanged and photographer-mentor-relationships will be built.
Through our newsletter you will receive current dates for exhibitions and symposias.


Inside-Gallery – timeless and exclusive photographic art in large format,
for the highest standards and permanent value.