Target groups for limited fine art photography

The enthusiast

The photography or photographic art enthusiast is a type of purchaser that has a distinct feel for aesthetics and a passion for collecting. The enthusiast takes perfection, beauty and harmony of nature and art seriously. They seek to purchase exclusive and limited art, and increasingly also photographic art. They will make a decision based on their personal taste, their emotionality or their interest in the artist.

The interested hobby collector

The hobby collector observes trends and therefore the current popularity of photography collections. The holly collector mostly begins by purchasing lower-priced or discounted photography. While professional collectors and adventurers purchase unique items, the hobby collector initially focuses on unlimited photography editions or photographs with discounted limitation, which generally contain 100 to 1,000 photograph reproductions. They collect for fun and passion. They mostly develop their feel for quality and exclusivity in the form of small editions and special items over time. It is therefore not surprising when a hobby collector, depending on the opportunities available to them, gradually develops into a professional collector and therefore collects exclusive and strictly limited photographic art, turning away from the mass providers on the internet.

The lifestyle purchasers that are finding themselves

Photographic art is a huge trend amongst lifestyle purchasers. This has already been proven by very successful galleries in the US. “Postcard motifs” are extensively developed and provided with the highest quality standards as strictly limited entire works for decorative purposes. The opportunity that exists nowadays to interpret photographs that are created with creative, inventive processes gives photographic art its individuality and expressive power. Lifestyle purchasers present photographs or exclusive photographic art in their home or office/commercial space. They take pleasure each day from the visual highlights and enjoy admiration for their exclusive taste from friends and business partners. The lifestyle purchaser buys art for social demarcation, prestige and self-fulfilment of their claims to exclusivity.

The profit-orientated adventurer

With capital or funds, the adventurer competes for highly priced art or photographic art at international auctions. For the adventurer or their investor, photographic art is purely an investment – a speculation and investment in artistic value and its development. Their intention is to make a profit over the course of their investment. In the “most expensive photographs” piece, the investment volumes for photographs and photographic art are illustrated and are a very controversial topic of discussion. Of course, a photograph has a material value and an immaterial value. For many photographers and art enthusiasts, however, the question is raised as to whether a piece of photographic artwork that depicts a river in front of a patch of grass can possess a material and immaterial value of 4.3 million.

The professional collector

The professional collector is a purchaser of art that is rarely found in the realm of photography or photographic art, because professional collectors generally look for decades, sometimes their whole life, for an art collection with a character of completeness. The professional collector does not intend to trade artwork, but they claim to enrich the completeness of a collection area. This collection area can be a certain style from one period or the artwork of one artist/photographer.



Inside-Gallery focuses on target groups that can enjoy the exclusive photography for a long time, independent of their future intentions. With average-sized editions of 3 to 25 pieces, Inside-Gallery achieves a fine balance between being a trader of unique items and a discount gallery.

As well as the limitation criteria, exclusive photographic art is produced using costly procedures and does not just include photography, but also high-quality refinement. This could be further product elements, such as a special surface or a partially individual frame-passe-partout system and a certificate signed by the artist with an edition number that ensures authenticity and limitation. We believe it is all product elements that create the photograph.


Inside-Gallery – timeless and exclusive photographic art in large format,
for the highest standards and permanent value.