Should I collect modern photographs?

The passion for collecting is rooted deep in our human instincts. With an instinct as vital to survival as that of finding food, today we surround ourselves with things we like and collect nice or rare objects. The joy alone of looking at a collection repeatedly will fill the heart of any collector.

There is no definition for when somebody can be considered an enthusiast or a collector. The amount paid does not define a collector either. Nevertheless, there are many collectors who concentrate on a certain theme, series or work of one particular artist.

Today, collecting modern or contemporary photography or photographic art no longer means just capturing the “sight of the photographer”, but also its artistic interpretations that are possible with modern technology. These artistic interpretations say as much as the artistic interpretations of a painter or art historian.

Our philosophy is that you should surround yourself with pictures and photographic art that inspires you and enriches your life. The photographic images we develop should touch you in a new way, give you joy and provide a long-lasting emotional experience each day.





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