Exclusive fine art photography in large format

The large-format photographic artwork by Inside-Gallery is predestined for unique presentation in exclusive offices or living areas. The fine art photographs, artistically interpreted and developed by expert photographers, provide art enthusiasts with long-lasting joy.

The exceptionally high quality, very strict limitation and artists’ signatures, as well as different combination possibilities up to unique works, lead to sustainable, stable value and an increased value of the photographic art.

Refinement With double-sided acrylic in museum quality

The Inside Gallery offers a museum acrylic presentation without a passe-partout / frame system for exclusive fine art photography.

The art photo is complexly connected between two 3-5 mm acrylic panels to protect them.

Museum-Acryl Oberfläche

The suspension frames on the reverse side of the fine artwork guarantee the best possible safety and, because of a lower distance from the wall, a special dimensionality, the artwork will seem to hover in the room. The museum acrylic glass is optimised for the presentation of very high-value artwork, as it is anti-reflective, more resistant and has a better UV surface. Acrylic is much lighter than glass and is therefore well suited as a protective surface for large-format fine artwork.

Refinement of fine art photographs with Liquid Gloss

Inside-Gallery provides the new and patented synthetic resin refinement with the name Liquid-Gloss®, without a passe-partout/frame system, for exclusive fine-art photography. This refinement gives fine art photography its protection, as well as additional individuality and exclusivity.

Depending on the picture size, fine art photography is coated by hand with a 2-3 mm strong, crystal clear resin layer in a clean room.

Liquid Gloss fertigung

This refinement technique gives a vivid, lively and organic appearance due to the edges that gently run off.

Liquid Gloss Oberflaeche.

Liquid Gloss Oberfläche

The protective artificial resin layer is extremely hard yet permanently elastic. The surface receives a fascinating colour depth and gloss. Depending on the light conditions, the Liquid Gloss refinement gives an optical multidimensionality. Black surfaces and high contrasts are especially suitable for refinement with Liquid Gloss. As an optimal room climate, 20°C and 50% relative humidity are indicated. The product properties, and therefore also the factors affecting the viewing experience, form poor climate conditions or strong fluctuations in temperature and humidity, and lead to effects of direct or excess light and all damaging chemical, biological and physical influences.

Cleaning and maintenance of the glossy surfaces can be carried out with an individually developed care product at greater intervals. Light scratches can be polished off by hand. Deeper scratches can be removed by adding a new coating. Inside-Gallery customers will also receive a corresponding hanging system on the reverse side of the picture when they buy this exclusive finished fine art photography, so that the artwork can be hung up in the desired location securely and with stability.


Inside-Gallery – timeless and exclusive photographic art in large format,
for the highest standards and permanent value.


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