Andrea Windolph
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Reed in warm morning light, on the shore of the North Sea island of Amrum, is the main subject of this fine art photograph.

Edition: 50 prints – with a signed certificate of the photographer

Delivery: inclusive within Germany

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Amrum, an island in the North Sea close to the German coastline, impresses particularly during the winter months. At this time of the year, unique tranquillity and atmospheric light create a very special mood. In the off-peak season the islanders reclaim their „Island of Freedom“ for themselves. It is now, that only the sound of the roaring sea and the squealing of the sea gulls disturb the silence.

Resilient reeds, commonly found near the shore, withstand both the strong winds and ice and snow. This serene photograph takes the observer into the scene of a cool and crisp winter morning. Illuminated in warm light, the reeds sway slowly in a gentle morning breeze.

Your investment and store of value exclusive photo art

The contemporary motif from an exclusive series, whose perfect elaboration in broadsheet prints, fabrication and refinement – optionally also with framing – in museum quality is only available at Inside-Gallery. That together with the strict limitation and signature of the work make it recoverable photo art with high potential of accretion.

Inside-Gallery includes for you

  • exclusive and strictly limited photo work individually configurated by yourself (size, profile passe-partout® design, refinement / finish and framing)
  • signed by the photographer
  • with edition certificate
  • with an appropriate hanging system in gallery quality
  • free delivery within Germany
  • or as an exclusive and valuable present

Andrea Windolph

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