Magic Lake
Frank Herfort
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On the beautiful Crimean Peninsula there is a special and famed healing lake – “Magic Lake”.

Edition: 20 prints – with a signed certificate of the photographer

Delivery: inclusive within Germany

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Magic Lake

On the beautiful Crimean Peninsula, between the Black and Azov Seas, there is a special and famed healing lake. The mud from this lake supposedly works wonders and heals all illnesses. This “Magic Lake” motif truly cannot be surpassed in its oddness and hyperbole. Health-conscious individuals or those in need of healing are magically drawn by the lake and leave it again black, covered completely in mud.

On warm summer days, hundreds of people gather at the magical lake to rub their bodies with the always warm mud. The contrast of the pastel- colored scenery develops a depth effect, which the artist composes by means of clever line management and which subtly draws the viewer ever deeper into the spell of the motif. Magical!

Your investment and store of value exclusive photo art

The contemporary motif from an exclusive series, whose perfect elaboration in broadsheet prints, fabrication and refinement – optionally also with framing – in museum quality is only available at Inside-Gallery. That together with the strict limitation and signature of the work make it recoverable photo art with high potential of accretion.

Inside-Gallery includes for you

  • exclusive and strictly limited photo work individually configurated by yourself (size, profile passe-partout® design, refinement / finish and framing)
  • signed by the photographer
  • with edition certificate
  • with an appropriate hanging system in gallery quality
  • free delivery within Germany
  • or as an exclusive and valuable present

Frank Herfort

Photography by Frank Herfort

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