Brooklyn Bridge
Thomas Neye

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The fine art photography shows one of the oldest and most famous bridges on earth.

Edition: 50 prints – with a signed certificate of the photographer

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Brooklyn Bridge

The fine art photography ‘’Brooklyn Bridge’’ shows the formerly called ‘’New York and Brooklyn Bridge’’ – one of the oldest bridges in the US. Brooklyn Bridge crosses East River and connects Manhattan and Brooklyn.
Brooklyn Bridge was inaugurated in 1883. Thanks to the extreme size of the bridge, circus Barnum with many elephants was first sent over the bridge! Only after this test the Bridge was approved for traffic. After that, it was the longest hanging bridge for 20 years – an important part of the infrastructure of Manhattan and a meaningful sight of New York.

Your investment and store of value exclusive photo art

The contemporary motif from an exclusive series, whose perfect elaboration in broadsheet prints, fabrication and refinement – optionally also with framing – in museum quality is only available at Inside-Gallery. That together with the strict limitation and signature of the work make it recoverable photo art with high potential of accretion.

Inside-Gallery includes for you

  • exclusive and strictly limited photo work individually configurated by yourself (size, profile passe-partout® design, refinement / finish and framing)
  • signed by the photographer
  • with edition certificate
  • with an appropriate hanging system in gallery quality
  • free delivery within Germany
  • or as an exclusive and valuable present

Thomas Neye

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