Placing photographs

Where and how do you hang your photograph?

The ideal format

The ideal format is, of course, determined by the space available. Inside-Gallery is a specialist for large picture sizes or large formats. These begin mostly with a short side length of 60cm and end with an average of 120cm; large formats have short side lengths of up to 180cm. This is easy to read, but in real life the pictures have a monumental scale, as the following image shows.




The ideal location

Photographic works are photos and should therefore not be exposed to permanent sunlight. Although Inside-Gallery guarantees colour fastness of 75 years with coloured photographs and 100 years for black and white photographs, in direct sunlight as a result of reflections and associated blend effects, the photography will never fully and evenly unravel its unique effect. Taking note of value preservation advice will guarantee the best conditions for sustainable value increase.

Your artwork is best placed in an area with diffused light, where gallery lighting is used.

The ideal surroundings

Please look for a place where your photography can have an effect. Leave enough free space around your picture and please measure the space available and remember that your large format requires “air” around it in order to have an ideal effect.

Here, we have put together some examples of surroundings in work, living and sleeping areas.

The right background

Our customer service team is always asked this key question: What background colour is best for my photographic artwork?

Having studied colour, we can easily answer this question. You may also want to consider putting pictures in front of a uniform white, grey or black surface as a generally valid option.

To make it easy for you to select a wall colour, simply use our configurator.

After you have chosen a photo design, your refinement or your frame, and a passe-partout if applicable, you can display this combination in front of any background colour* or wall colour, giving you an overall impression.

*For the correct background colour, please ask your painter/decorator.

The ideal mounting

Once your artwork is delivered, it must then be mounted. Depending on the required size, an optimum mounting system is included with the delivery. Mounting is carried out using a museum rail that is hidden behind the frame and must correspondingly be attached to the wall. Please note that even smaller, framed works that have a museum acrylic protective coat sometimes weigh well over 30kg and should be lifted by at least 2 people.

Upon request, Inside-Gallery can handle the mounting upon delivery. You can simply request the mounting service all across Germany at a fixed rate during the order process. You can find more information under mounting service.


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