picture sizes according to the customer’s requests

Inside-Gallery specialises in large-format fine art-photography. Fine art-photographs are indicated and supplied in large format from 1 to 3.5 square metres. The production and developing of fine art-photography in large format, especially that of design series, requires refinement and processing techniques, as well as special hardware and software. The photographs have different aspect ratios, corresponding with the individual refinement by the photographic artist. The production of large formats with an aspect ratio of up to 2.5 m are therefore one of Inside-Gallery’s specialties.

Size indication

The dimensions for the picture size begin with the left-hand side. With a portrait picture, the largest measurement is at the front (e.g. 60 cm x 40 cm); with landscape pictures, the smaller measurement is at the front (e.g. 40 cm x 60 cm).

Landscape example:

Larger formats are available upon request.


small 60 cm – 90 cm
large 80 cm – 120 cm
max. 120 cm – 180 cm (= maximum image size)

The size indications – both design sizes and picture sizes – are rounded values; decimal points are not displayed.

The difference: design size and picture size

The design size corresponds with the fine art-photography or its exposure/print size. The picture size also contains the measurements for the selected passe-partout (+ 20 cm per side) and/or the selected frames (aluminium + 3.6 cm per side, wood + 20 cm each side). The design size is displayed under “dimension” and the picture size is displayed under the picture preview.

Example: picture information underneath the preview image

design size and picture size

Picture weight

Depending on the selected configuration, a piece of fine art can weigh up to 25 kg per square metre (e.g. 80 cm x 120 cm). For this reason, Inside-Gallery offers the delivery and mounting service within Germany at a fixed price, so that larger artwork can also be mounted on your wall with no damage caused.

Size selection

The picture sizes entered in the product datasheet do not represent a restriction of the picture size. The picture sizes that can be selected are suggestions that correspond with the optimal aspect ratio of the photograph and can simply be selected next to the preview of the picture. The suggestions end with the maximum picture size.

If the customer wishes, all picture sizes up to the maximum picture size indicated can be produced, crafted, framed or finished, in the aspect ratio of the fine art-photography.

Fine art photography with small side lengths from 120 cm can no longer be illuminated for technical reasons, with the result that a fine art print must be produced on fine art paper.

Please note that the sizes and weights of the large formats on offer here may exceed your own body size or weight, as shown in the following diagram.


Selecting your own size that is not suggested

For an individual quote, please send us a contact query. You will then receive your individual quote.

Our customer service

We will also be delighted to help you determine and produce individual sizes of your choosing.

To this end, please send us a contact query requesting a call back from our free customer service.

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