Unique passe-partout systems for limited artwork

The profil-passe-partout-systems® for limited artwork are in Europa unique and handcrafted according to the customer’s order.

The passe-partouts are 1cm thick and 10cm wide (long side) and have an inner diagonal cut that is covered by hand with very fine fabric.

The profile-passe-partouts® by Inside-Gallery are not underneath the acrylic screen protector, in the conventional way, but they are on top of the acrylic, creating a multidimensional effect (see diagram, size in mm and subsequent pattern).

Skizze- Aufbau Kunstwerk PP EN

(red = fine art print; blue = acrylic on both sides)

An example:

The cover material used for the passe-partout is a very high quality substance with special product features. The exclusive materials are used in the upmarket furniture and automobile industry and, of course, adhere to strict DIN standards, both for private and public use, including places of assembly.

In accordance with statutory legislation, all the materials are free from harmful substances (e.g. Cd/azo/CFC/PCP/PCB/PCT/formaldehyde).

The materials are of a low flammability (in accordance with DIN EN) and are also very robust, durable, UV-resistant, lightfast (>6), sweat-resistant, urine-resistant, saliva-resistant, watertight, tear-resistant, saltwater-resistant and naturally very skin-compatible. They are easy to maintain and especially resistant to dirt.

For artwork by Inside-Gallery, there are two types of cover on offer:


6 cover materials with a leather appearance and a satin finish

passe-partout-selection mat

5 cover materials with a metallic appearance and a fine silky gloss

passe-partout-selection shine

After you place your order, you will receive a material sample of your selection by post, as the materials displayed may differ in colour from the original due to different screen displays. We will begin the individual production when you have approved the sample. Of course, you also have the opportunity to choose another material sample without having to pay extra.

Due to the custom-made by hand of passe-partout can cause tolerance both in dimensions and in the shape and flatness to +/- 1 mm. This is not a defect.

Maintenance tip:
Please do not use any strong detergents! For cleaning and maintaining the passe-partout, we recommend using a slightly damp cloth and for heavier dirt a special cleaning agent that is contained in the delivery from Inside-Gallery and can be re-ordered. Please do not use any solvents, chlorides, polish, chemical cleaning agent or wax polish, or substances containing oil or fats. Please carefully remove any stains, especially ink, oil and fat stains, immediately.

Passe-partouts for open editions

The passe-partouts are located under the Plexiglas Gallery UV 100 (see diagram, size in mm).


Aufbau offene Editionen (Passepartout aufliegend 3 mm) EN(red = fine art print; blue = Plexiglas Gallery UV 100)

The passe-partouts for open editions are excellent diagonal-cut passe-partouts with KLUG certificate made of pH-neutral, lightfast, and premium-quality cardboard.


passe-partouts in 5 different colours

We supply passe-partouts with a standard width of 10cm. You are also more than welcome to request something different.


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