Museum conditions for photographs

The predominant optimal conditions in museums in terms of UV light, constant humidity and many other environmental conditions, cannot be generated constantly in normal living rooms. Initially there is a maximum illuminance (depending on the material) of 50 to 100 lux.

The relative humidity should be at a maximum of 40% and recorded in ink using a thermo-hydrograph. The air must have a neutral acidity level (7 pH) and must not exceed a pH value of 8.

This is why air conditioning is often used in museums. Alternatively, valuable work is displayed in special museum frames. These are hermetically sealed and protect the photographs from dirty or moist air.

Inside-Gallery provides special museum frames for your fine art photography, upon request. Picture frames with A1 and B1 fire protection and special picture safety systems to protect from vandalism and theft can also be provided for offices and studios, upon request.

For this, please contact our customer service team.

The following applies for temperatures: The cooler, the better. A maximum of 24 °C should be the norm.

Photography enthusiasts can still ensure long-term value preservation for their fine art photography at a lower price.


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