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Target groups for limited fine art photography

The enthusiast The photography or photographic art enthusiast is a type of purchaser that has a distinct feel for aesthetics and a passion for collecting. The enthusiast takes perfection, beauty and harmony of nature and art seriously. They seek to purchase exclusive and limited art, and increasingly also photographic art. They will make a decision … Continue reading Target groups for limited fine art photography

Experimental photography

Experimental photography is an important part of artistic photography. While photography* has a general documentary character and depicts reality, in experimental photography all available opportunities are used for chronicling and alienation during photography, in the photo laboratory and the digital development stages. Experimental photography is associated with techniques commonly used for silver halide photography, such … Continue reading Experimental photography

How do I see the value and quality of a photograph?

Inside-Gallery photographs are prepared in a way that is best suited for value preservation. The value of the photography is determined by the material value, the immaterial value, and supply and demand at the time of purchase. The safe refinements using Liquid Gloss or protection behind a museum acrylic plate keep the photography optimally protected … Continue reading How do I see the value and quality of a photograph?

Artistic photography – art or decoration?

Definition of the terms and styles Artistic photography or photographic art means pictures or projections that are produced using photographic methods and which aim to convey a content-related or formal message. Commercial use is not the direct purpose, but the desired result of most artists. In artistic photography, pictures/photographs are also defined as “work”, “photographic … Continue reading Artistic photography – art or decoration?