Frames for fine art photography


Unique frames in large format

The unique frame and profil-passe-partout-system® for the large-format fine art-photographs by Inside-Gallery forms the unique selling point and is an important quality feature of the exposed surface and wall design with exclusive contemporary photography. The extraordinarily high quality, very strict limitation and signature of the respective artist, as well as the different configuration possibilities up to being a unique piece of work, ensure the stable value and sustainable value increase of the fine art-photography.

Selection of different frames/profile passe-partouts

Inside-Gallery provides individual and high-quality frames for fine art photography for the unique Inside-Gallery profil-passe-partout system®. The aluminium frames are specially supplied for Inside-Gallery’s profil-passe-partout-system® by a quality supplier HALBE-RAHMEN® from Germany. A specialist carpenter produces the solid wooden frames by hand for the fine art photography by Inside-Gallery.

The very high material and processing quality of the aluminium frames and solid wooden frames enable the exclusive fine-art photographs to fit like a glove with long-lasting edges, independent of the required picture size.

➤ 18 mm aluminium frames from HALBE-RAHMEN®

The 18 mm-wide aluminium frames are produced for large formats of up to 5 metres. You can select from the following colours:

  1. Aluframe white
  2. Aluframe black
  3. Aluframe silver

Weiss_Ecke_OhneP Schwarz_Ecke_OhnePSilber_Ecke_OhneP

➤ 100 mm solid-wood frames

The 100mm-wide solid-wood frames are produced for large formats of up to 5 metres exclusively for Inside-Gallery. You can select from the following colours:

  1. Woodframe beech
  2. Woodframe walnut
  3. Other wood types and individual varnishing upon request.

Buche_OHNE_Passe_Ecke61x61 Nussbaum_OHNE_Passe_Ecke61x61

passepartout selection

For your passepartout you can choose from different surfaces and colors. Under „Passepartout selection“ you will find all information and options. In the selected product (topic), can you see all combinations.

Special frame systems for offices and studios, as well as public establishments

If required, picture frames with fire protection classes A1 and B1, as well as special picture safety systems to protect against vandalism and theft, can be supplied for offices, studios and public establishments.

If interested, please contact our customer service team. We will be delighted to provide you with an individual quote for your selected photographic design.

Wall colours/frames and passe-partout choice, simply selected

When selecting the desired combination, Inside-Gallery customers will receive a preview directly with their product order:

– Photograph/passe-partout/frame colour

Under the photography image, via a separate window, the wall colour can be selected and adjusted to reflect the future background of the photograph. The preview will show:

– Wall colour, photograph and passe-partout colour, and frame colour

Once the customer decides on a combination, they can transfer this to their product order at the click of a mouse and complete the purchase. After the purchase has been completed, the customer will receive an order confirmation, which will confirm the selected photograph, passe-partout colour and frame colour.

For individual advice or queries, the Inside-Gallery customer advisors are available at any time using the contact form or over the phone.


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