0% Financing

We want to support you by realization of your wishes and offer a Santander Consumer Bank financing for your purchases. Possible choices:

  1.  0%financing with 12 month financing length
  2. regular financing starting at 12 month financing length (from 8,9% effective annual interest)

The individual installment payments and -by request- a payment protection insurance, that protects you from unpredictable financial problems, ensure you security and flexibility.

Requirements for a financing

The following requirements need to be fulfilled according to Santander Consumer Bank for the request of a financing:

  1. come of age
  2. main residence in Germany
  3. owning a bank account at a bank in Germany
  4. a regular income as a employee, Self-employment and, pensioners with pensions
  5. owning a valid identity card or a passport with registration certificate and
  6. at not EU-citizens are further evidence, like a residency- and work permit as well as a registration certificate required

Course of a financing

  1. You put the items you want to purchase in the shopping cart and press go to checkout.
  2. Under your address at “comments to the order” you put “0% financing” or just “financing” for a regular financing as well as a wished recall time through our costumer service.
  3. Complete the process with “order now chargeable”. The purchase is not binding up to the credit decision.
  4. We are going to contact you by telephone.
  5. We create the application forms with you together and send them to you for the signature.
  6. After finishing that you go with
    1. a signed financing application,
    2. with a copy of your income proof,
    3. your identity card or passport, such as
    4. “Postident-Coupon” to a “Deutsche Post AG” branch and confirm your identity by one of the employees. The “Postident-Coupon” will be added to your financing application. The legitimation is free of charge for you.
  7. After the checking (also with “Schufa”) and the positive rating though the Santander Consumer Bank is completed, your order is binding and will be delivered in time. Your order will be canceled automatically and free of charge in the event of a negative vote.

Common asked questions

Who is the Santander Consumer Bank?
This bank is with 7 million costumers and 50 years company history the bank number 1 in the Consumer credit business.

Can coupons be financed ?

Does the purchaser and the borrower have to be identical?

How is data protection organized?
The Inside-Gallery works with strict Policies of the Federal Data Protection Act. With your order at Inside-Gallery you accept the general terms and conditions, data protection policies, and Withdrawal rules. You also accept the collection, processing or use of your data as far as circumstances require it for the individual case.

Your also accept the terms and conditions such as the data protections policies of the Santander Consumer Bank with your signature in the financing application.