Determining the value of the photographs

As well as the technical factors when calculating the value of a photograph, the following decisive factors also play a role:

The photographer/photographic artist

Of course, the work of a reputable photographer must be assessed differently in terms of value and value stability than other “comparable” photo designs or photography of an unknown photographer.

Pictures by Andreas Gursky therefore regularly reach top prices at auctions, to the value of several hundred thousand dollars.

Aside from these exceptional artists and the associated hype, chances and risks, we try to determine a price that reflects the material value and immaterial (emotional) value of the (mostly decorative) photography and provides the opportunity for value increase due to high asset value and very strict limitation.

As a price-determining factor, we then focus on the photographic design and the photograph edition. Unique designs cannot be easily copied and are therefore extremely rare. Photographic designs of distant landscapes and unique atmospheres are just the same. Associated with the exclusivity and high quality of the large formats, these photographs represent a lifelong investment in value preservation and value increase.

Compared with historical cultural landscapes or paintings from different eras such as antiquity, the Middle Ages, the Renaissance with its Dutch paintings, and classical and romantic art from the beginning of the 19th century, today’s artistic photography is completely equal in every way.

Today, paintings are mostly reserved for collectors and art enthusiasts, but abstract or objective artistic photography speaks to everybody who views it.

A photograph can therefore be a worthwhile investment for generations, just like the landscape oil paintings of our ancestors.

Photography editions

With reduced editions, not only does the price increase, but also the exclusivity and value preservation or increase. This is a natural process.

Here, Inside-Gallery offers completely clear, transparent prices and guarantees that the edition is above-board. When buying their artwork, Inside-Gallery customers are given a certificate that is signed by the artist and numbered. A second certificate is firmly attached to the work and a third certificate remains inside the gallery. This is how we guarantee that the editions are above-board and safeguard the value of the photograph in case of resale.

All in all, we recommend investing in photography that you like – this is the only way to guarantee long-lasting joy and satisfaction!

The emotionality of photography

Every picture releases different emotions for the viewer. Young and/or unknown artists are often discovered when their pictures touch the heart or soul of the viewer. They then proverbially fall in love with an image and would like to own it or enjoy it in their own home. Do you know the feeling?

In conclusion, we recommend purchasing artwork that moves you. Looking at the “valuable” recommendation of an art expert every day and not experiencing any joy or feeling yourself will just trigger discomfort if it’s not a proper investment. Only go for what you like and what fits your budget. Inside-Gallery also provides 0% financing. You can find out about that shortly.



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