Controlled limitation

Photographic art is only valuable when not everybody can have it. This makes limited editions highly sought-after by collectors and enthusiasts.

But what criteria need to be met in order to transparently and safely guarantee this limitation?

Inside-Gallery guarantees its customers and photographers the strictest observance of all restrictions and limitations. For this purpose, we have adopted the following approach:

Photographers at Inside-Gallery guarantee, under complete liability for their private property, that they will exclusively supply the editions offered by Inside-Gallery.

Inside-Gallery creates a catalogue of work for each design advertised. During the purchase process, three original certificates are issued; each one is signed by the photographer and Inside-Gallery and provided with a seal.

The first copy of the certificate is fixed to the back of the photograph.

The second certificate is provided as a decorative sheet and can be presented along with the artwork by the owner. We are also happy to frame this certificate.

The third certificate will remain at Inside-Gallery, with the buyer’s name noted on it. A copy of this certificate will be given to the photographer.

The type of the work or its limitation is noted on each certificate, and in cases of sequential numbering, the number of the artwork is entered.

This is the only way to guarantee that the work can be identified later on as an original.


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