• Jens-Christian Wittig

    Jens-Christian Wittig

    In his youth, Wittig constantly drew, painted and photographed. He studied landscape architecture, urban development in Dresden and fine arts in evening courses. Photographically, he was already on the go as a student und always experimentally on the lookout. More than 25 years ago, he started implementing projects as an internationally operating garden and landscape designer, urban planner and photo artist in Germany, France and Spain and later also in Russia and Arabia. Winning international competitions led him to China starting in 2001. Until today, Shanghai is his permanent workplace and shapes his projects and his artistic work as a source of inspiration. Weimar remains his home.
  • Prof. Klaus Nerlich

    Prof. Klaus Nerlich

    Nothing is so far away from nature and people as a black pencil. Similar to the abstraction of photographic black and white prints, the graphic line elevates, restates what is seen. Therefore, the line drawing becomes the direct implementation of his feelings and its purest expression. The works of Prof. Klaus Nerlich generated their own reality besides the objective one, a rather fantastical reality ready for an intimate dialogue. His photos always play with the relationship between sharpness and fuzziness, distance and proximity, as well as illustration and vision, composition and irritation. Prof. Klaus Nerlich studied architecture at the University for Architecture and Construction in Weimar, as well as Graphics at the University for Graphics and Visual Arts in Leipzig. He won the Michel Prize of the HAB for outstanding creative performance. In addition, he is the president of the painting and drawing school in Weimar, as well as the chairman of the “Verband Bildender Künstler Thüringen e.V.”. Prof. Klaus Nerlich organized numerous exhibitions and art in public spaces in Germany, Krakow, New York, Siena, Stockholm, etc.
  • Andrea Windolph

    Andrea Windolph

    Photographer Andrea Windolph, Germany, “I create photographic images to grant persistence to the moment – to use these words of Goethe.“ The fascination for photography – and hence for the chance to permanently capture and preserve those special and unique moments in life – caught Andrea Windolph already in her childhood days. Ever since in …
  • Thomas Neye

    Thomas Neye

    Photographer Thomas Neye, Germany, “To me, photography means the highest form of liberty.” Photography has been accompanying Thomas Neye, third-generation photographer, all his life. After the apprenticeship he took the master at the age of 20 and obtained his master certificate as the youngest photographer ever in Germany.
  • Bernd Seydel

    Bernd Seydel

    Dr. Bernd Seydel studied German and Philosophy in Wuerzburg. He was working as a lecturer and spokesman in a Stuttgart publishing house until he became self-employed in 1991. Since then, he has worked as a journalist, photographer and communication trainer. Photographic focuses: sports and culture, studio works, as well as macro-/microphotography in large format. Since 2015, he is intensely working on macrophotography within the scope of the project “Catalogue of Life”, together with Thomas Wolf. With new high-definition imaging procedures and their computer-based processing, the entire beauty of the microcosm can be made aware in a never before seen quality.
  • Thomas Wolf

    Thomas Wolf

    Thomas Wolf studied at the University for Graphics and Book Art in Leipzig and has been concentrating on the possibilities of large-format photography in architecture and landscape ever since. For more than 25 years, he is represented in numerous national and international exhibitions with his works, won prizes, received artistic scholarships and is present in reputable public collections. Through the continuous work on different photographic projects, a large number of catalogues, books and publications emerged. Since 2015, he has been intensely working on macrophotography within the scope of the project “Catalogue of Life”, together with Bernd Seydel. With new high-definition imaging procedures and their computer-based processing, the entire beauty of the microcosm can be made aware in a never before seen quality.
  • Alexander Thorsten Blumenau

    Alexander Thorsten Blumenau

    Photographer Alexander Thorsten Blumenau Germany “To fight with the elements of nature, to live in them and to suffer, this is often the best way to create an impressive image.” – 2008 Since the early nineties Alexander Blumenau devoted himself to photography – to capture special moods and impressions, to preserve, and hence make them …
  • Frank Herfort

    Frank Herfort

    Photographer Frank Herfort, Germany, “Transforming the magical, mystical, and seemingly vague into inspiring images is my mission in photography.” Frank Herfort studied at the University of Fine Arts in Hamburg. His diploma project, outstanding in both a national and international context, was created in Russia. He currently lives in Moscow and Germany. Frank Herfort specializes in people’s …
  • Franz Sussbauer

    Franz Sussbauer

    Photographer Franz Sussbauer, Germany, Working on an idea or the concept of a motif is very important for Franz Sussbauers work. Due to his photographic education and his studies of art and architecture, he favours modern photography – especially works that leave room for imagination, but focus on one topic. Several exhibitions and prices show …