The exclusive “artist’s proof”

by Inside-Gallery

“What is an” artist’s proof

“Artist’s proof” is a special subcategory of regular limited editions. Its purpose is mainly to gain an impression of what the finished work or the finished photograph will look like.

These few “proofs” are signed by the photographer and generally sold for an additional fee of 10-30% of the standard edition. With each work sold, the price increases by another 10%.

Waht is the “artist’s proof”-quality like?

Thanks to modern printing techniques, the artist’s proofs are of no less quality than the normal printed edition. At Inside-Gallery, customers will receive quality that is identical to the normal edition.

It is different to the regular editions in that it is more strictly limited and has the artist’s signature directly on the photograph.

The “artist’s proof” history

The “artist’s proof” story began in the 1800s amongst English artists, who practically made their livings by selling small editions. As “proof” for art collectors, the term or inscription “artist’s proof” was placed underneath the picture.

The “artist’s proof” value

Art historians, curators, enthusiasts and collectors see “artist’s proofs” as especially desirable and valuable because of their rarity and the insight they give into the work progress. In the case of a photographic artist that has died, these can later on serve as proof of the development of a piece of artwork.

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