Artistic photography – art or decoration?

Definition of the terms and styles

Artistic photography or photographic art means pictures or projections that are produced using photographic methods and which aim to convey a content-related or formal message. Commercial use is not the direct purpose, but the desired result of most artists.

In artistic photography, pictures/photographs are also defined as “work”, “photographic work” or “photo work”, which are the intellectual creations of photographers/photographic artists, as creators, and are exhibited and sold as a complete work (with refinement, frames etc.).

The aim of artistic photography is to use the medium of photography as a creative means of expression. Independent of whether the artist wants to have a socially critical, ideological, political or abstract effect, their individual and creative work is at the forefront.

The technology used and the processes applied for the imagery play no role whatsoever in artistic photography. Corrections are likewise an expression of artistic creativity, whether they are carried out in the laboratory or with the help of digital picture processing, and are applied without restriction.

Major representatives (selection) are Bernd and Hilla Becher, Henri Cartier-Bresson, Walker Evans, Andreas Gurski, August Sander Jeff Wall, etc.

Decorative fine art-photography

The term ‘decorative photography’ is used to describe pictures that are mostly considered balanced and harmonic, or aesthetic, because of their visual effect. In this context, postcard photography and poster designs are often mentioned.

Just like in artistic photography, the following styles can be highlighted: nude, architectural, documentary, genre, industrial, landscape, nature, portrait, report, commercial and experimental photography.

Decorative photographs are mostly found in landscape and natural photography. The production of a landscape picture is dependent on many factors that cannot be influenced, such as weather and light conditions, and, aside from searching for a motif, the photographer must often wait for weeks until a unique atmosphere emerges.

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Special designs

If required, picture frames with fire protection categories A1 and B1, as well as special picture security systems to protect against vandalism and theft, can be provided for offices and public establishments. For this, please contact our customer service team. We will be delighted to help you prepare an individual offer for your selected photography.




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