Apply as a photographic artist

Inside-Gallery is a young, emerging gallery for artistic, decorative fine art photography in large format. We strive to find unique designs with perfect handcrafted quality for photography collectors and enthusiasts and distribute them in strictly limited editions.

Inside-Gallery is not just a gallery operator. As well as exclusively marketing your designs, we organise and control every step of the development/refinement process, therefore setting the highest technical standards.

Inside-Gallery covers the entire process and is the curator and producer of the works it sells. This is the only way to enable our customers – enthusiasts and collectors of contemporary fine art – to invest in unique pieces of work with increasing value.

In order to provide our customers with a wide range and variety, we are always looking for new, upcoming and well-known photography artists.

For quality assurance, our photographers must fulfil the following minimum requirements:

  • Are you a photographer and have the relevant expert training and qualifications?
  • Or are you a visual artist and have a qualification from an art college?
  • Are you interested in selling your work in very small, controlled editions?
  • Are you able to provide at least 3 references and have already taken part in exhibitions?
  • Do you process your designs in large format or in a resolution of at least 36 million pixels?

If you meet these requirements, please do send us a copy of your resume with 15 selected pieces of work/test pieces.


Inside-Gallery – timeless and exclusive photographic art in large format,
for the highest standards and permanent value.