About us

Inside Gallery offers unique photography in the form of strictly limited photo works in breathtakingly large format as well as fine art elaboration.

With these exclusive and limited works, the interesting mix of well established and young, partly unknown artists, Inside Gallery addresses collectors and admirers of photography all across Europe.

With the goal to bring the exhibited work with high-quality framing or refinement, Kristin Möller and Thomas Neye present photography in its most beautiful form.
Every work is elaborated in certified museum quality and in individual configuration for perfect presentation.

Exclusive Photography in large format

The works certified by artist and Inside Gallery are of the highest value, high potential of performance and give every viewer a fantastic and fascinating experience of art.

The value of the photographic picture as art and artwork are in the center of all activities.

Inside Gallery sets the trend to establish and present strictly-limited art in an adequate was.

The founders of Inside-Gallery


As a professional photographer in the third generation Thomas Neye does not only posses the artistic and technical knowledge. Furthermore, with the formations of numerous businesses in e-commerce, he proved competence in the development and marketing of new ideas and projects. As long ago as in 1998 he founded one of the first and most successful photo services for end clients in Europe. Graduated businesswoman Kristin Möller is answers the management of all operative and commercial divisions of admago GmbH that belongs to Inside-Gallery.

Since the vision of a independent online gallery for photo art should neither follow the interests of investors or the ones of the producers, Inside-Gallery was at 100% founded with capital resources of admago GmbH that belongs to the two owners.

That is how the course for an independent evolution in the interest of successful marketing of unique art was set.

Inside-Gallery – timeless and exclusive photographic art in large format,
for the highest standards and permanent value.


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