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Inside-Gallery is your fine art gallery for contemporary and artistic photography manufactured to museum quality.

Collectors and admirers of extraordinary photographic art are presented with stunningly beautiful images from of professional master photographers in perfectly produced and refined large format print.

Because of the strictly limited nature of the photography and the certified copies in the highest fine art quality, Inside-Gallery offers sustainable value and the best possible potential for increased value. The increased value of the strictly limited “artists’ proofs” takes effect the moment the first piece is sold.

Inside-Gallery in Erfurt – Spielbergtor

Each Inside-Gallery piece is unique due to the varity of options available for image size, finish choice and framing options.

Inside-Gallery combines unique artistic and material quality with customers’ individual wishes.

The selection of image sizes, the refinement and the selection of high-quality picture frames for photographs from HALBE®-Rahmen, with or without an exclusive passe-partout profile®, any Inside-Gallery photography can become one of a kind.

Inside-Gallery – timeless and exclusive photographic art in large format,for the highest standards and permanent value.

  • ThomasNeye_Fotograf_Antelope_II_

    Antelope View No. II

    from $ 820
  • ThomasNeye_Fotograf_Fog-View


    from $ 970
  • ThomasNeye_Fotograf_Lunar_Eclipse_2015

    Lunar Eclipse 2015

    from $ 820

New releases

Photo Art: City / Street

Impressions of New York

  • ThomasNeye_Fotograf_Bethdeshda-Foutain

    Bethesda Fountain

    from $ 1.190
  • ThomasNeye_Fotograf_Brooklyn_Bridge_Nacht

    Brooklyn Bridge – NY

    from $ 1.220
  • ThomasNeye_Fotograf_Skyscraper


    from $ 820
  • ThomasNeye_Fotograf_Empire_Manhattan-Bridge

    Empire Manhattan Bridge

    from $ 660
  • ThomasNeye_Fotograf_Empire-State-Impression

    Empire State Impression

    from $ 970
  • ThomasNeye_Fotograf_Bethesda-_errace

    Bethesda Terrace

    from $ 1.040

New York – Manhatten, the popular metropolis on the east cost oft he United States comes up with a huge spectrum of impressive architecture, culture and extraordinary places of experience. Inside Gallery uses the medium of artistic photography here, too, capturing different interpretations of unique moments as fine art-masterpieces.
Limited editions

The value of artistic photography

Artistic Photography

Thanks to the spreading of compact camera systems in smartphones photography tends to be the simplest mobile medium of documenting everyday life.

Artistic Photography takes a different approach, photography as a master- and artisan.

Artistic photography is the interface of art and life. The photographic artist and his team capture sublime imaging and presents them with high technical aims. Artistic photography has a long history.

History of artistic photography

Artistic photography has been a medium of artistic expression (of opinions) as well as interpretation of moments by artists since the mid-19th century.

Value of artistic photography

Focusing on architecture- or scenic photography it is not unusual that the selection, the view and the photographing of an appropriate image happens over an extended amount of time.

In this way flawless conditions of illumination and surroundings can be reached and that is how unique compositions are created and processed by a team around a professional photographer and specialists working with state of the art technology.

The photographs are produced in theme or image series. The artist selects the best shot from the respective series and produces one of a kind presentation on an image. Using technical expertise, coupled with artistic techniques, the photographic artist produces beautiful, inique images of the esthetic value.

Artistic creativity

The creativity of the artist knows no limits. That is why you talk about the work, that the displays the artistic, and partially surreal style of the artist.

Styles of Inside Gallery

Inside Gallery mostly offers artistic fine art photography focusing on architecture, nature, scenery, street and genre.

Documentations and photographic interpretations of artistic work belong to the portrayal of artistic photography.

Exclusive fine art photography


  • German Staircase

    German Staircase

    from $ 520
  • Sphère-Trames, 1962/1989 von François Morellet, Schwerin

    Inside Sphère-Trames

    from $ 890
Impressive moments

Perfectly captured

Each Work

Individually produced

  • ThomasNeye_Fotograf_Manhattan-Bridge_BW

    Manhattan Bridge BW

    from $ 850
  • ThomasNeye_Fotograf_The_Cliff_Diver

    Cliff Diver

    from $ 820
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